109th Canton Fair



From April 15th to 19th, our company had attended the 109th Canton Fair held in Guangzhou, China.  During the fair, GTGM Metal Textile had attracted many visitors’ attention. More than 200 foreign purchasers visited our booth, and we have set up business relationship with many companies.

According to the statistics of the organization committee, there were approximately 200,000 purchasers from 209 countries and regions visited the fair, which is 3.93% higher than that of 108th Canton Fair and 1.52% higher than 107th Canton Fair. Visitors’ amount from ASEAN and BRICS (Brazil,Russia, India, South Africa) Countries are in average 21.4% higher than the amount of last Canton Fair, and visitors from America,European Union, Japan and Hongkong are dropping by 3.6%, 15.1%, 9.96%, 3.2 % in number respectively. Being infected by the turbulent and volatile situations, visitors’ from Middle East are dropping 1.53% in number. Asia is the state with most purchasers, the total number is 118,238, taking up 57.1% of the total number, and Europe, America and Africa are in the next place.

During the fair, GTGM Metal Textile had attracted many visitors’ attention. We had met many professional purchasers who had long time conversation with us at site. More than 200 visitors came to our booth and we had received 156 pieces of name cards. Our customers mainly come from Australia,India, Iran and Singapore, and nearly 80% higher than the number of 108th Canton Fair. Several customers had visited our booth last year, and this year they came to our booth again with projects and had detailed conversation with us. Though some customers didn’t give their information at site, they write to us actively and require us to send them product information by email. This shows that foreign purchasers have strong interest toward our metal fabric products, which gives us confidence in winning orders.

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